Male Infertility

Male infertility is a sexual health condition in a man that lowers the chance of a woman getting pregnant. Surya Fertility Centre provides the Best Male Infertility Treatment in Hyderabad. If the woman cannot get pregnant even after having unprotected sex for over a year, then the couple might be suffering from infertility problems

Proper traveling of mature and healthy sperms depends on many conditions. Most of these can be treated by opting for Azoospermia Treatment in Hyderabad. There is a growth of cells for fertility within the sperm. However, the problem with the same can be a cause for infertility in men.

It is a condition where the semen ejaculated during sexual intercourse goes backward into the bladder instead of releasing it out through the penis. This happens when the muscles of the bladder do not close properly during intercourse. The semen contains healthy sperms but these sperms do not reach the vagina for the pregnancy to occur.

This is a condition where the nerves of the scrotum are swollen. They are more common in infertile men. They block the proper blood drainage which harms sperm growth.

It is not a common cause of infertility. In this, the antibodies attack the sperms which makes it difficult for the sperm to swim through and enter the vagina. They keep the sperm from moving and working properly.